Reading the Tea Leaves: How Naturopathic Know-How Helps us Create the Ultimate Tea Blends

April 20, 2022 3 min read

There really isn’t anything better than a steaming, fresh-brewed cup of delicious organic tea.

I bet just reading that sentence evoked memories of your favourite cuppa - thesmell, thetaste, and thefeelingin the moment. Bliss, right?

But what if the benefits of tea extended far beyond the moment?

Can tea also offer us health benefits? If so, how do you know what to source, how often to drink it, for which ailments, and from whom to buy?

The answers lie in a Naturopath.


For many of us though, this brings up more questions: what actuallyisa Naturopath? What do they do, what can they help us with, and where does tea come into the equation? Read on to find out.

If you’re familiar withTea Thief already, you’ll know that all our blends are formulated using the naturopathic expertise of Georgia Prisco (co-owner). A qualified Naturopath, intuitive Yoga instructor, writer and educator, Georgia is trained in traditional and Western herbal medicine, providing holistic support to a broad range of clients.

This makes her the perfect person to overseeourorganic loose-leaf tea blends, made right here on the Surf Coastoutside of Melbourne, Victoria.

Thief tip: Check outour list of stockists to find a brew near you!

Herbal medicine is a pillar of Naturopathy across the world, as practitioners utilise natural remedies to prevent and treat disease (dis-ease).Teas and herbal blends are typically blended from dried leaves, petals, roots, bark and seeds of medicinal plants - meaning your cup-o-love can actually deliver youmuchmore than just a delicious drop.

Perhaps you’ve soughta herbal tea to help you get a good night’s sleep? Chances are the ingredients weren’t simply chosen for flavour. Naturopaths are experts in plant medicine and nutrition, able to source and combine the best ingredients for the job.


So what makes Naturopathy so powerful?

Qualified practitioners like Georgia aim to treat thewhole person. To find answers, create positive change and support people on their journey to prioritising their health and wellbeing. A popular evidence-based health field andgrowing even more so in Australia, Naturopathy specialises in zooming out to address thecauseof health concerns, rather than zooming in to only treat symptoms.

As part of a wider treatment plan,teas and herbal blends can offer myriad health benefits to improve wellbeing, energy, vitality, sleep and much more. In fact, the ritual in and of itself can offer its own healing benefits - combine these with time in mother nature, and you have yourself a potent pot of power!

What’s more, tea is a wonderful addition to any health plan as a gentle and easy way to bring herbal medicine into your daily routine.

Want more from your morning cuppa? Of course you do!

Here are some of our favourite suggestions to get you started:

Now that you’re in the know, what are you waiting for? You could be sitting back sipping a professionally blended brew for you, right now. Speaking of, I’m off to pop the kettle on..

Health note: This blog is not intended as health advice or treatment. For persistent issues, we recommend chatting to your qualified health professional for a personalised approach.

Time to stock up on your favourites? Receive discounts by shopping our range of organic loose leaftea bundles here! You can alsofollow us on Instagram for more tea-licious tips and recipes.




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