Parenthood, naturally: Support for a healthy pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding journey

June 10, 2022 4 min read


The transition to parenthood can be many different things: exciting, challenging, scary, peaceful, lonely, beautiful, tiring. Sometimes, all of these things at once!


It might also be confusing, an overwhelm of information and anecdotes, and full of unknowns.


But there’s one thing that can change the game, no matter what your experience:support.



Research indicates that more support, especially emotional, isthe number one desire of new mothers. What’s more, these supports not only benefit new parents but also lead tolifelong benefits for their children.


Pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum support comes in all different forms and will vary depending on what’s accessible for you. Here, we’ll share our favourite natural, low-cost ideas to promote a healthy perinatal journey, safely informed by our resident naturopath,Georgia.

Emotional support

It’s no secret that the early postpartum period can be challenging for many. Withup to 80% of new mothers experiencing some form of psychological stress, emotional support deserves to be at the top of our list.

  • Access to social support, be it a close friend, a partner, a colleague or a family member, is crucial at any time, but deserves particular attention in the perinatal period. Simply having a trusted person to talk to about concerns who will listen without judgment can bring wonderful benefits.Professional support can also be accessed by engaging a doula - someone trained in holistic perinatal support - perfect for those with and without friends and family around them through their journey.

  • Communicating your emotional needs is an essential part of this. These might change over time, especially in late pregnancy and early postpartum, so it can be really useful to let people know (directly, or via a partner or friend) what you need to feel your best.This might be asking that no one visits for a period of time, requesting regular food drops, or setting up walks or outings to add in more social time.

  • Of course, getting enough sleep is one of the most common hurdles new parents face. Lack of sleep can have a significant impact on our mental health, so it’s important tolearn about and prioritise self-care and good sleep hygiene if and when you can.Addinga cup of herbal tea to yourevening routine can be a lovely, simple addition.


Nutritional support

Another crucial area that can offer so much support in this journey is good nutrition. Growing a baby on top of supporting your own nutritional needs requires a higher level of vitamins, minerals and calories compared to the average adult. It's also beneficial for mum and bub during the postpartum period (also known as the Fourth Trimester) to have plenty of stores to draw upon for recovery and breastfeeding.


  • You’ll have heard it many times before, buta well-balanced diet is key to getting the nutrition you need when pregnant, breastfeeding or in postpartum recovery.Key foods to incorporate into your weekly routine include salmon, avocado, brown rice, eggs, leafy greens and oats.These provide fibre-rich whole grains, a wide variety of minerals, and healthy fats like omega-3. Supplementing with a good quality pregnancy multi-vitamin is key, as well as other nutrients that you may be low on - this is where specialised support (see below) is crucial.

  • Organic loose-leaf teas safe for those who are pregnant and breastfeeding can be a great addition to your diet and routine. Blended with naturopathic expertise to support your hormones, nervous system and healing processes,our Boobie Brew is a perfect choice. This herbal tea is safe to begin drinking in the third trimester and continued through postpartum, and doubles as relief for digestive discomforts for mum and bub.



Physical support

When carrying, birthing and caring for a baby, our bodies undergo many changes. Decades of evidence support the notion thatexercise is important for maintaining overall health and wellbeing, and pregnant women are no different.

  • When we fall pregnant, we might feel fearful of continuing exercise a (completely normal feeling) but in fact, continuing your normal movements is wonderful for your growing body. If unsure, seek the advice of a women's health physiotherapist or specialised perinatal personal trainer. Prenatal pilates and yoga classes are perfect places to start if you're new to exercise!

  • In the third trimester and postpartum periods, exercise and movement can sometimes become more challenging or uncomfortable.Here, something is better than nothing, and gentle exercise such as short walks or yoga can be amazing for both mind and body.

  • Physical support can also encompass what youdon’tdo. If helpful, asking others to take over some physical tasks for a period of time, such as laundry, child care, or shopping, can free up time for you to prioritise the other things listed here.

Specialised support

Every person, pregnancy and birth is different. Sometimes, additional support is recommended or required from health professionals.


  • Your GP, obstetrician or maternal child health nurse are great first contacts if questions or concerns arise.

  • Naturopaths and other complementary medicine practitioners like acupuncturists are specially trained in traditional and evidence-based therapies to safely support your perinatal journey, alongside medical professionals.

  • Physiotherapists, psychologists, osteopaths, doulas, massage therapists, lactation consultants and more can be accessed for specialised perinatal assistance.

No matter your experience or expectations, the right support can help make the journey to parenthood that bit easier to navigate. Whether you’re feeling prepared or worried, exhausted or relaxed, you can simply start nourishing yourself witha warm cup of tea.


Nothing could be better.


Health note: This information is not intended as health advice or treatment. We always recommend chatting to your qualified health professional for a personalised approach.See our FAQs page for specific advice on which of our blends are safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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